An Anonymous Inspiring Letter ~ The Diamond Within


My dear Mate,

It is certainly a wonderful feeling to have had you as my mate, during the process of learning life lessons. I admire your inclination towards gathering as much as you could in the least possible duration. And as I say so, I am wondering whether we will be in touch hereafter.

Your humility combined with your new learning, will show you new ways to reach greater heights in your chosen field. That is my faith in you due to the way I am looking at my new understanding.

What makes you stand out is your thirst for learning and your desire to do better than where you are at right now. Keep this very thirst alive if you want to soar higher and higher in your personal as well as professional journey. Making your learning, your way of life could aid you in improving your craft, leading you to that very place where you desire to be.

Won’t you like to go deep within yourself and discover the diamond hiding there? The diamond is waiting to be found by its very owner. It is yearning to gleam brighter by the owner’s magical touch. It just needs that rub to dazzle, like that very smile of yours that brightens up your face with childlike delight.

The fire of the diamond of true Identity is always there; it just needs the Master’s crafting to reveal it.    Kenneth G. Mills

Yes, you are the owner of this very diamond that no one else can rightfully possess. Be courageous, dig it out, hold it in your hands and cast a spell with your magical fingers and deep intent. The brilliance of the diamond, ignited by the burning desire of your inspiring self, would be soon evident for all to see. So, handle it with abundant self-love and sincerity as you move towards realising your dream.

An enthralling audience heightens any artist’s spirits. That’s what I am wishing for you. I envision your success in the journey towards carving a niche for yourself at being one of the best in creating magic with your craft.

Yours Forever Diamond!

Diamond 1


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