The Facilitator/Mentor/Coach

Let me assist you unlock your potential, find the answers within you, overcome your psychological barriers, set your goals, improve your existing skills, develop new skills, commit to learning and take your performance to greater heights! 

Facilitating learning and Mentoring provides me profound contentment. I simply guide you to connect with your innermost self and your latent potential. I inspire you to never give up, compete with yourself, analyse your areas of improvements, turn your weaknesses into strengths and capitalise on your individual strengths.

You can bank upon me for the total professional experience of 22 years. I find myself adept at connecting with people from various walks of life. I had realised my unique people’s skills during my corporate career and narrowed down to be a soft-skills trainer over the years. The break from a full-fledged corporate life and the ever-demanding management at home front brought up new perspectives that strengthened my skills in myriads of ways.

I not only preach but also practise the idea of being a learner forever. I deeply believe that learning is a continuous process. Every person, situation and interaction has the potential to teach us a life lesson or two. Facilitating training programs and mentoring or coaching, is a divine opportunity for me to interact with people and help them, which I cherish to the core.

Sharing as well as gathering knowledge, and working towards assisting people embark on an inward journey, re-engineering their attitudes, reprogramming their thoughts and inspiring them to discover the diamond within them is what drives me to be the mentor and coach. Over the years, the process of impacting the professional and personal lives of people has in turn added to my own personal, professional and spiritual growth.

I have facilitated training programs across the country for about 2000 people from the entry level to senior management, in the Banking & Finance, Telecom, Manufacturing and Call Centre industry.

As a Master Practitioner in NLP, I understand your need for self-improvement professionally and personally. You can bank upon me to assist you in polishing your skills, develop new skills, facilitate learning optimally to connect with your hidden potential. Reach out to me if you are an aspiring voice artist or any other professional contemplating enhancing your voicing skills, communication skills, presentation skills, public speaking etc. I will partner with you as your mentor and coach to ensure the process of learning and transforming.

I am available for mentoring, group coaching, one-on-one coaching, corporate workshops and retainership programs. Connect with me to Discover the Diamond in You!