They are in the autumn of their lives. What could they possibly give you? It isn’t worth spending any efforts, time, money and emotions on them as we aren’t going to get anything tangible in return.

What does autumn remind you of? Falling of leaves, end of an era, letting go off something that existed, making place for something new? Or remembering those leaves that nurtured the trees once? The lives that used up all that they had to nourish the ones till they weren’t needed anymore?

Last Friday, that’s 8th June 2016, I visited Omashram Trust (, an old age care in Bangalore, with my family. It tore me apart to witness those wrinkled faces, the forlorn eyes, the longing for emotional intimacy and the physical affection.


I had once read a novel by Munshi Premchand in which a character was abused by her mother-in-law and later struck by an illness that left her bedbound for the rest of her life. The dutiful daughter-in-law though internally felt amused at how KARMA comes around, yet she never ever stopped performing her duties towards her helpless mother-in-law. She had all the opportunity to get even, didn’t she?

Agreed, such ugliness is the stark truth of many a relationship. I wouldn’t want to get into an unnecessary debate of what is wrong or who is wrong, because we are naturally blessed with a conscience to distinguish it ourselves. Our actions are choices that we decide consciously or subconsciously and we are quite aware of what we are doing, yet we ignore our own conscience.


This elderly and helpless gentleman was left unattended in an expensive wheelchair, in the most expensive coach of a train. A very clear indication that he wasn’t wanted by his family anymore. So they schemed and got rid off the burden. He was left to his fate, found by people who couldn’t trace any records of his relatives and admitted him into a hospital.


Meeting Geeta Shankar ~ Founder & Managing Trustee Omashram, Kishore Joseph ~ Trustee & Director-Public Relations, Gurunath KL ~ Trustee & Director-Finance

In today’s digital world of distractions, we are losing our emotional intelligence and humanity. However, meeting the Founder and the Trustees of Omashram Trust Old Age Care was like finding those diamonds that choose to use their brilliance to illuminate the lives of those in the dark of their autumns!

Would you like to join me in this pursuit of lending a helping hand to those who are caring for those in the autumn of their lives? Could we do something to provoke our conscience regarding the trend of  abandoning our ageing and helpless elderly. Together we can do more, however I always remind myself of Kabiguru Rabindranath Thakur’s composition ‘Jodi tor daak shuney keyo na aashey, tobey ekla cholo re’.

I would like to hear from you. Please connect with me if you would like to.

The Writer

Should no one come at your call, walk alone

Walk alone, walk alone, walk alone

Should no one speak, oh! wretched soul

Should all turn their faces, all feel afraid

Then with open heart

Oh! you must speak out, say alone.

Should all return, oh! wretched soul

Should none look around in the journey through the dark

And the thorns on the trail

Oh dear! under your bloodied feet trample them alone.

Should the light go off, oh wretched soul

Should on a stormy night all shut their doors

Then by the thunder and lightning

Light up your soul, to glow alone.

 Translation By Pratik Ghosh 2001

An inspirational song for Indian freedom fighters by Kabiguru. It also was a favourite song of former Indian Prime Minister, Mrs. Indira Gandhi who incidentally was a student of Shantiniketan, the university set up by Tagore.