Asha Rao                                                                                                                                    Test Engineer at CISCO                                                               Bengaluru

When I think of Shilpi – I see encouragement , support and friendliness. She has helped me a lot with my voice-over work, whenever I called her with a question she always had an answer. I am very thankful for all her pointers and suggestions. It has really helped me.

“Thanks for being the person you are!”


I see encourage, support and friendliness!

                                                                          Poonam Bhairwani                                                                                                                 Senior Manager ~ Learning & Development/HR                                                   SODEXO Onsite Services Pvt. Ltd.

It’s really feels great to know an Excellently Talented, Versatile, Artistic human being like Shilpi. She is a great Mentor, Humble, Down to Earth whenever I have reached out to her for any support. I have got inspiration from her. I really admire the way she handles herself, family, friends along with her work. She is very dedicated and gives more than 100% in all her duties. She is Benchmark for me and I would always want to achieve it.

Thank you Shilpi for coming in my life like a Role model❤😍😗


Thank you Shilpi for coming in my life like a Role model!

S Nandha Kumar

Corporate Film Maker and can help you in production of Corporate films, Advertisements, Promotional Videos, Jingles.


We were working on a dubbing project for Syndicate Bank which needed 3 female voices. I called one of my friends who referred me to a voice artist. I called her, briefed the requirement and sent the script post which I got a mail with 3 different modulation fitting in perfectly for all the 3 characters. “Versatile” I would call. She is thoroughly professional and a sweetheart to work with. If you ask for a professional, perfect voice in English, Hindi or Bengali I will point my finger towards one person – Shilpi Das Chohan.

“Versatile” I would call.

Paul V Mohan


Life Mentor ,Counselor & Co-Founder ‘Orange Candy’ a nonprofit organisation for teaching science in rural India. Chennai.

Shilpi Das Chohan is a professional trainer , Dubbing Artist, Editor and Writer with sense of excellence and team spirit. She conceives in the proper sense and delivers stunning out puts which enhances the film or book. She is the best team member for the success of a project.

She is the best team member for the success of a project.


Director – Natural Group, Mumbai

I’ve known Shilpi for more than 15 years now and she’s an amazing person. Whatever the task or challenge thrown at her, she invariably excels at it. She’s extremely artistic and creative as well. She is also someone who’s extremely trustworthy and always has her heart in the right place. Her training and soft skills are exceptional and she would be a great asset for any team.

She would be a great asset for any team

Raj Badani
Program Manager at Visa

Shilpi is an extremely focused professional with enormous energy in her presence. With her charismatic personality, gracefulness & communication and with her immense knowledge/ experience, she creates a pleasing aura during her interaction/ trainings. She genuinely believes in sharing her knowledge & experience and shows genuine interest & respect to everyone she interacts with.


Shilpi is an extremely focused professional

Graphic Designer & Digital Artist at Hyderabad

For the voice-over of our Event Management firm’s AV Presentation, we had sent her a script and she reverted with more than one voice-over versions, with a variety in mood and feel so we could choose the one that exactly suited and appealed to us.

She is respectful towards everyone, humble and kind in nature. She smiles forever and whatever she does, she puts her heart and soul into it. We were absolutely satisfied with her work and professionalism that helped us complete our project successfully on time. She is a multi-talented and multifaceted person, and she executes her assignments with personal interest.

We enjoy a very pleasant rapport with Shilpi and look forward to a long-lasting professional relationship with her.

She is a multi-talented and multifaceted person